Welcome to Stone Cross Music, A Multi Genre Music Promotional Company, Be Heard! We are not a record company, Here at stone cross music we focus on promoting music all around the globe, no matter what genre it is, we will promote it worldwide to those in need of great music, artist informational, and the music they create. Stone Cross Music Artist Management is a cutting-edge artistic development company. We provide our handpicked musicians with holistic and forward-thinking management services, Artistic Development, Publicity & Social Media Management. Although we are based in the United States, Atlanta, Georgia. we also look to promote music artist in other parts of the world, our goal is to keep the public up to date on what's hot in the music industry, no matter what music genre it is. ​Stone Cross Music was founded by Wilfredo Rodriguez, with the intent to reach out to all those in need of great sounding music, and information on who created the music, to a worldwide target audience. 


Suzanne Cook, I was born in Stockwell, South London, into a working-class family. I never knew my father and I hardly knew my mum. She was only sixteen when she had me. I remain her only child. Soon after I was born, my mum had a nervous breakdown, claiming she’d been raped by my father. She never fully recovered. My earliest memories are plagued by vague grey images of visits to austere psychiatric hospitals. It was my Nan who brought me up. My Granddad was an alcoholic and a gambler. There were always arguments and fights. It was inevitable that I ended up in foster care. To relieve the stress, I would sing. Singing was my therapy. I attended Stockwell Primary School, but I found it difficult to fit in. I was shy and sensitive. I remember being teased about not having a dad. The only time I felt relaxed was when I was performing on stage in one of the school’s musical productions. From an early age, I knew that I wanted to be a performer. That was where I felt most comfortable and most alive. READ MORE


Lisa Panagos, I had a blast being interviewed by Will Rodriguez.  He asked some amazing questions and my fans loved it!  He knew exactly how many people were listening and it blew my mind!  He pushed the show worldwide and I was so grateful for the interview and the plug for my single Ecstasy.  I would love to have another interview with Will once my new record is released in May!  Thanks, Will!  xoxo!

Poetic Flow, Stone Cross Music has and continues to provide amazing music behind my poetry.  Wilfredo Rodriguez whom I affectionately call Gemrico; is a phenomenal music producer that is completely in sync with hearing my recorded poems and creating the perfect melodies each and every time to truly bring the poem alive! &Thank you for always bringing my poetry to a new level.


L Perry

L Perry Will your promoting and support from stone cross music is second to none! The Absolute Best! You've reached out to numbers worldwide that are incredible and in a very short time have been such a great supporter of me as an Artist. Anyone needing support from Stone cross as an Artist stone cross is the site to be on, and Will is simply Amazing. 


Mala Rodriguez, Willie You better be promoting over there in the US fam, you know how we do here in Spain, Thank You baby!  Latin Grammy Award for Best Urban Song, Latin Grammy Award for Best Urban Music Album. Thank You, the promotion you did for me was just totally super, we had a great response from the video advertisement you did Thank You so much, look forward to next time.



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