LACHI Is a award nominated performing artist, her music has been featured on Opera, Music Magazines, CBS Radio, National Television and more, Lachi's music is not the only thing that makes her who she is, she's allot more, "meaning" a spokes women for disability that fights for the rights for the visually impaired, Stone Cross Music is a firm believer in this type of mentality, emotion and feeling, a step above normal, to bring justice to what needs to be heard and done for humanity, that's our featured artist "LACHI ladies and gentlemen. MORE


LINDSEY WEBSTER I am an artist…period,” declares Lindsey Webster. “I have influences from many musical genres and have been influenced by them from a young age. I believe in the power of music to empower and reach people on multiple levels.” The stunning, charismatic and amiable Lindsey Webster’s roots span the worlds of R&B, Pop, Rock, Jazz and beyond.  MORE

Lindsey Webster

MARIAMI It does not matter what part of the world you’re from, music is all about feeling and emotion, if you Incorporate that into your delivery, the vocals from beginning to end will be on lock, Mariami  definitely has that in her songs, it is way harder to try to keep emotion and feeling in tracks that have 120 and above BPMs then a music production track that has a much slower BPM like within the range of 68 to 98 BPM, Mariami seems to be pulling this off nicely, check out her new album 6 songs and hear for yourself, you won't be disappointed. www.mariamisound.com, Review by Wilfredo Rodriguez   MORE


YAMILA Brings the rhythm of her native Cuba to the Los Angeles Latin scene. She learned a wide variety of artistic talents from Cuba, Europe, and the United States. At a very early age she was enrolled in Cuba's National Ballet School where she studied Russian influenced Ballet for five years and ultimately began performing as a soloist. Following that, Yamila continued her studies at Cuban's National School of Performing Arts where she learned music, dance, and acting. Together with her family she began a series of performing tours throughout the country. Yamila's passion for salsa music and Cuban culture catapulted her to fame with a growing number of Cuban fans that adored her style. Soon she was recognized as a TV icon appearing on her hit show "Para sentir amor". 


LISA PANAGOS You can feel the intensity in her vocal delivery, a lot of feeling and soul behind the sexy voice, "Let's Get Down Right To It" type of lyrics in her music, with an experienced band backing her up with the nu disco, dance, pop, electronica, & R&B Soul Instrumentals, her single Mind's Eye really hit home with us here at stone cross music, especially the dance mix of the song, you can check out the rest of her music at digital download retail stores online, nice job Lisa Panagos Midwest United States Representing, worldwide promotional company Stonecrossmusic.com. 

Lisa Panagos