PyRexx, A man on a mission, his rap style is definitely on point when it comes to preaching the word to our youth, he's been thru a lot, and stands tall for what he believes in, god, family, and wellbeing, the tattoos come from real life experiences, hard times, and wrong paths, but that's all behind him now, and wants the world to know it thru the word of god and his awesome rap style music.  Visit here for more Review by Wilfredo Rodriguez



Ernesto Rodriguez, A Christian music artist from Winter Haven Florida, born and raised in North East Chicago, the middle man in the cover photo below, Lead Vocalist/Songwriter of the new Christian Music Track produced by Will Rodriguez to inspire all those to fight the COVID-19 Virus "Jesus We love You" he's been around music , let's just say forever, a talented vocalist and Latin percussion player for years, known as a music Salsa "latin Jazz" listener since birth, one of seven brothers from a Latin musical family, I'm sure will hear more from this multi-talented Latin English Music Artist "Ernie Rodriguez" so stay tune! right here on Stone Cross music for updates.  Visit here for more Review by Wilfredo Rodriguez

Jesus We love You Ernesto Rodriguez
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