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YAMILA "Yamila" Latin Music Artist from Cuba, Yamila has what it takes to get her message across in her music, her vocals are on lock, meaning, she can change it up when she needs to, especially with a Latin Orchestra that is killing the music scene everywhere in the United States and other Countries, the combination between her and the band is just the right fit, I wouldn't change a thing, just keep the writing fresh and I'm sure the band will rock along with her talented vocal ability, MORE

KATIE ELLIE, From the start of her musical journey, she spent the past year writing a good 30 songs, from an early age she has written out the lyrics to her favorite songs & seeing them instead of hearing them inspired her to create her own. Singing & writing is a real passion for her and this year she has have made it her mission to get out there and sing more at live venues. In fact, she already performed at Leeds Pride festival in front of thousands of people. she is also due to be in the lineup for an acoustic session at McCoy’s café in Hull June the 11th if you’re around. She hopes to have a collaboration and have two talents create something beautiful. If you haven’t already, check out her Miss Lionheart video as it will be out for general release real soon! she would like to thank James Grover for all his help on making her songs sound so great. be sure to keep up with her update on her iTunes release., Review by Wilfredo Rodriguez   MORE